Recorre los volcanes de Fuerteventura.

Recorre los volcanes de Fuerteventura.

Bayuyo volcanoes or the Bayuyo alignment is a set of volcanic cones, which erupted at the same time and formed an almost straight line. Bayuyo could be translated as enchanted clouds, a word used by the ancient inhabitants of Fuerteventura, the majos.

The Bayuyo alignment ranges from Isla de Lobos to Montaña Colorada, and is made up of the following volcanic craters, Las Calderas, Caldera Encantada, Caldera Rebanada, Calderón Hondo, Montaña Colorada, Montaña de la Mancha and Montaña de Lomo Blanco.

Fuerteventura is the oldest volcanic island in the Canary archipelago, where the volcanoes stopped having activity about 10,000 years ago.

The tour of these volcanoes is highly recommended, both on foot, by bike or by car.

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